Payment Terms

Terms are clearly printed on the invoices and accounts not paid within the terms are subject to a $5 late fee.


Billing/Payment Schedule Grass Cutting

We allow 10 days from the date of receipt of the invoice to receive payments for all total lawn care services, i.e, cutting, fertilizing, weed/grub control, snowplowing etc. The due date of when payment is expected will be clearly marked on your invoice. All Invoices have a due date on the right hand-side above the amount owed. Due to late payments from previous seasons there will be a $5 late payment fee for payments for any invoice received after the due date. We offer bi-weekly billing (or 2 cuts). We also offer monthly billing (4 cuts).


Grass Clippings

We do not do anything with grass clippings because grass clippings act like mulch. Grass clippings are actually good for your lawn. As long as you keep on a weekly schedule during growing season, grass clippings should not be too much of an issue.


Mulch Jobs, Plantings, Lawn Installation, Lawn Extension, Spring/Fall Cleanups, Snow removal/Plowing

These services are due on receipt. An invoice will be given to you at the time the job is finished. Payment in full is expected on completion of the job.



We now offer e-billing. We can e-mail you the invoice verses sending it through the mail. We are doing our part to save paper, trees & the environment. It is not mandatory to pay through Intuit, but it’s free to you and it’s secure.


Credit Card Payments

We accept major credit card payments and you customer is responsible for the fee’s associated. You must be a customer longer than 6 months and subject to owner approval.


Alternating Weekly Services

When you alternate weekly services during growing season, excess grass, clumping and uneven cutting become an issue. We have to use a higher setting on the mower due to excessive growth. Please be advised we are unable to guarantee your complete satisfaction with this type of service. For optimal results we strongly recommend the weekly cutting service.


Rain Schedule


We always try to stay on schedule, unless there are extreme weather conditions. If the rainfall is only slight we continue to mow. If you prefer we not mow than we ask that you please call to let us know. If the rain is heavy, we either stop until the rain stops, and than we resume when the ground is drier.



Lawn Installation/Aeration

The key to a new lawn is water. Make sure to water your lawn every night around sunset or early in the morning. You do not want to water during the hottest point of the day, as this makes the water mostly evaporate. We recommend a sprinkler.




Our standards are as follows:

Our commercial standard is every 2.0". Residential standard is every 3.0".

Example: 9” storm = every 3.0” x 3 times amount negotiated at the beginning of the season.

What this means is we bill according to how much snowfall accumulation hits the earth that we have to move with our equipment and vehicles. We calculate invoices based on snow totals not how many times we show up and drop our plow blades. We do our best to come drop our plow blades at the exact 2.0” or 3.0” but sometimes depending on the storm it can be impossible. We will not show up for a storm unless we think that the standard 2.0 or 3.0” amount has touched down on the ground. Example:  we would not come for a dusting or 1”.  Why we do this? If we come to your house or place of business 3 times or 13 times you still get charged for how much snow was pushed by us. This is to save on the costly expense of wear & tear on vehicles & equipment. Repairs on equipment and vehicles can run into thousands of dollars. We DO NOT plow a 6" storm for 1 round of snow removal. We try to be as accurate and fair as possible. We understand that people like to save money. Snowplowing is not something you can do that with accept the aspect of your reasonable price that was negotiated at the beginning of the season. We will not wait until the end of a storm to start plowing just to save you money. Please try to remember mother-nature is beating you up not us. We live in New England.

We cannot see through snow. Property needs to be clearly marked with reflective stakes & is the responsibility of the property owner. If your property is not clearly, marked we cannot not be held liable for damaged property, curbs, grass etc.


If you would like to cancel before a storm, we would appreciate if notice is given before the storm hits. If we come all the way to your house or place of business only to find out that work was performed by someone else it is a waste of our time and money. If prior notice is not received you will receive a fee for the amount of price that was negotiated at the beginning of the season for the snowfall amount of that storm. We would appreciate your courtesy.



At Green Carpet Lawns LLC customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. Should a complaint arise, please do not hesitate to call or email us within 48 hours from the date of service. (Please note, alternating week customers are excluded if complaint results from excess grass clumping or uneven cutting due to overgrowth.) We ask that all complaints be made directly to the office staff.